Our Team

Alisa Martin has been working with young children and their families since 1990. 

She graduated with an Early Childhood and Elementary Education Degree from City College of New York and then continued her educational path by attending Bank Street College of Education by attaining a Master's Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.  Bank Street is internationally known as one of the best teaching schools in the world.  Many Bank Street educators go on to work in collaboration with President of the United States, Mayors in top cities like New York and advocates for children on a national capacity. 

Alisa has the highest certificate for Special Needs Teachers in New Jersey, The Standard Certification for Teacher of the Handicapped in New Jersey as well as working as a consultant in New York and New Jersey. 

She is also currently a candidate at Walden University's Doctorate Program in Special Education.  Her experience ranges from children who struggle with cognitive issues to children with autism in both New York and New Jersey for over 25 years. 

During one of her paths, she met "The Super Nanny" Jo Frost where she shared similar thoughts and strategies about working with families, child development, discipline and teacher strategies. 

Alisa continues to keep abreast of current issues that families are struggling with and continues to strive to help as many families, educators and communities as possible. 



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